Enterprise Investment Scheme

The purpose of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is to help certain types of small higher-risk unquoted trading companies to raise capital. It does so by providing income tax and CGT reliefs for investors in qualifying shares in these companies.

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Fixed Rate Expenses

We consider an optional system of fixed rate expenses which is available for some businesses.

The rules allow the use of a ‘simplified’ fixed rate deduction instead of actual costs paid or incurred. It is optional, but using fixed rates may reduce the need for some of the detailed record keeping and calculations necessary to support tax deductible expenses.

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Franchising is a flourishing industry boasting nearly 1,000 brands in a multitude of different sectors. The business community now takes franchising very seriously and the industry consistently shows 90% of franchisees reporting profitability. The advantages of owning your own business are obvious but so too are the risks.

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Fraud and How to Spot It – Ten Step Guide

Major corporate frauds and collapses hit the headlines from time to time and many of these were high profile and the amounts involved quite spectacular.

With the current pressures we are still facing from the economic slowdown, difficulties in renewing finance, the challenge of achieving targets, even simply paying suppliers bills and it becomes easy to see that the risk of fraud for all sizes of businesses has increased significantly.

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Ensuring adequate finance is a fact of life if you run a business. Whether you are looking to expand, undertake a specific project or simply fund your day to day purchases, finance is essential.

Obtaining finance is not always easy, especially if yours is a small business and particularly if it is a recent start-up.

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Health and Safety

It is very likely that owners and managers of many smaller businesses are not aware of just how demanding health and safety regulations can be.

We provide an overview of these below and highlight some practical tips and processes on how your business can remain (or become!) compliant.

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Health and Safety Checklist

If not already in place, the following are practical steps you should take today:

UNDERTAKEN BY: ______________________________ DATE: ____/____/____


1. Is an Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate displayed?
2. Is a Health and Safety Poster displayed?
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Homeworking and Tax Relief for Employees

Over the last ten years technology has advanced massively. It was not so long ago that mobile phones were the size of a brick. Now emails and the internet can be accessed on the move.

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